Special Lecture Given by the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkmenistan

On Thur. April 10 th , Gurbanmamet Eliasov , ambassador of the Republic of Turkmenistan delivered a special lecture at the Hirosaki University 50th Anniversary Auditorium.

Ambassador Eliasov had a brief talk with President Sato and then delivered a special lecture to teachers and staff , entitled : ” Expectations for Science and Technology Cooperation ~ an Introduction to the Republic of Turkmenistan ”
The Republic of Turkmenistan is located in Central Asia. The country is about 1.3 times the size of Japan , roughly 48,8000 square kilometers. They have rich natural resources and a plethora of agricultural products.

The lecture informed the group of the fact that the amount of natural gas reserves in Turkmenistan is 4th in the world ranking. The talk also introduced the country’s history and mentioned that one of their chief industries is their active hand-woven carpet production. They have various plans to cooperate with us in various technology-based fields. They also intend to share plants for medicinal purposes and other natural resources.
There was a full house with approximately 70 students and staff. Everyone participated eagerly. They were pleased to be listening to a lecture on a topic they could not hear every day. Ambassador Eliasov recounted many unusual stories from his homeland.

Also, the Turkmenistan ambassador and others visited the North Japan Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (NJRISE) after the lecture. The latest training facilities and research achievements were on display there. It was a very profitable visit and the ambassador was eager to ask questions.

Ambassador Eliasov of the Republic of TurkmenistanVisit to NJRISE, Hirosaki University

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