The 6th Special Lecture for The Center of Innovation (COI) Held at Hirosaki University

On Nov. 11, (Tue.), as part of the Foundation Lecture Series at Hirosaki University’s Graduate School of Medicine, Dr. KIMURA Hiromichi, Ph.D, Project Leader, Center of Open Innovation Network for Smart Health (COINS), of Kawasaki Institute of Industry Promotion was invaited to give a special lecture. The theme of his lecture was “The Foundations for Constructing Open Innovation in Regional Areas.” It was the sixth lecture in this series.

In the lecture, he talked about the revolutionary research being done as part of the Center of Open Innovation Network where universities and companies do research and design together. One such example is the research done at the Innovation Center of Nano Medicine (iCON) for smart life-care. He lectured about the efforts to develop a Smart Nano Machine, which autonomously circulates through the body detecting signs of diseases and provides treatment, so it is, in fact, like having a “a hospital inside the body.”

Dr. KIMURA hiromichi, Ph.D, Project Leader of COINS gives a lectureCareful listeners

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