Hirosaki University COC Symposium, 2014, “Considering Education Reform with the Point of View of the Community” Held

On March 3rd (Tue.), 2015, Hirosaki University hosted “The 2014 COC* Symposium – Considering Education Reform with the Point of View of the Community” at Hakkoda Hall, 60th Anniversary Auditorium ‘Collabo HiroDai’.

This sysposium was held in series to accomplish the goal of COC Hirosaki University; “Development of Local talent in order to build a valuable Aomori brand”, that was appointed by MEXT in 2014, to establish “the Center of Communities (COC)”.
Approximately 100 participants including the faculty members, the students, and those involved in the local government attended.

Following the opening remarks by the President SATO, YASUDA Hironori, Executive Director and Vice President of Yamagata University who was invited as a guest speaker, gave a keynote address; “Universities and Education of Communities” and introduced some efforts and examples at COC Yamagata University.

In the panel session entitled “To be the one dealing with the community issues at the universal point”, a guest speaker YASUDA, ITOH, Executive Director of Academic Affairs, Hirosaki University, YONETA Daikichi, President of NPO Plattform Aomori, TANAKA Yudai, Senior student of Faculty of Humanities, Hirosaki University, were involved to be a panelist. They presented the prospective education plan of Hirosaki University and exchanged lively their views.

*COC: the Center of Communities, which is “A knowledge Center by: establishing a knowledge base, fostering innovation, and nurturing future leaders capable of coping with an ever-changing society”. It’s a part of University Reform Action Plan established by MEXT.
To find more, visit at http://www.mext.go.jp/english/topics/1324314.htm

COC Promotion Office, Hirosaki University
(Student Affairs Div., Student Academic Affairs Dept.)
TEL: +81-172-39-3305
FAX: +81-172-39-3309
Email: coc@hirosaki-u.ac.jp

A guest speaker, YASUDA Hironori, Executive Director and Vice President of Yamagata UniversityThe panel sessionThe President SATO and OHKAWARA, Community Relations of Executive Director listen intentlyITOH Exective Director of Academic Affairs, Hirosaki universityYONETA Daikichi, President of NPO PLattform AomoriApprox. 100 particepants listening a lecture




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