The 2015 Agri-Collage Opened

On Aug. 1 (Sat.), 2015, “The 2015 Agri-Collage” has opened at Hirosaki University.
The purpose of this program is to nurture the high school students to be a next new leader of the local agriculture or the rural farming communities in Aomori so that 8 university-level lectures are provided. It is 8th times in this series.
This year, 14 second graders at high school from Aomori Prefectural Hirosaki Vocational High School, Aomori Prefectural Gosyogawara Agriculture and Forestry High School, Aomori Prefectural Kashiwagi Agricultural High School, and Aomori Prefectural Aomori Kita Senior High School participated in this special course.

First of all, Dean Sasaki, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science, Hirosaki University said, “We would like to develop the awareness of the younger generation to be a next leader in the agriculture and rural communities and remember that we are also your adviser when you start farming“ as an opening remark. Next, Professor Izumiya gave the first lecture of the 2015 program. Participants listened very carefully to an advanced lecture.

Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science
TEL: +81-172-39-3450

The opening ceremony

The first lecture

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