“Hirosaki University SHIRAKAMI Yeast” Found at the Shirakami Mountains including the Natural Heritage Site Registered a Trademark for Branding

“SHIRAKAMI Yeast Research Group” (Leader: KUSHIBIKI Toshisada, President of Kanesho Co., Ltd.), that is a jointly research organization by industry, academic, and government, registered a trademark on “SHIRAKAMI Yeast” and unveiled its logo at the second meeting in 2014 held at Hotel New Castel in Hirosaki, on January 28th, (Wed.), 2015. Some products that use …

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COI Innovation Summit Held by Hirosaki University in Hirosaki

Innovation Summit was held at Hotel Naqua City Hirosaki on Friday, January 30, 2015. The summit was organized by Hirosaki University under the auspices of local governments of Aomori Prefecture, Hirosaki City, and Aomori Medical Association, to expand the result on research; Development of an Innovative strategy for disease prediction and prevention by combining neuroscience …

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Seven Promotion Videos of Hirosaki University Created by the Students have been uploaded on YouTube

Seven promotion videos of Hirosaki University that created by the students have been uploaded on YouTube. These 7 original videos were released in the 2014 Hirosaki University Student Idea Contest, the theme of which was “The Short Film Project: Discover Hirosaki University!”, sponsored by Hirosaki University, Student Academic Affairs Department, Student Affairs Division. ********************************************************************************************************************* [Highest …

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Hirosaki University Tokyo Information Office Re-Opened

Hirosaki University Tokyo Information Office was re-opened, to strengthen business fuction including active promotion of cooperation among industry, academic, and government and the frontline of research at Hirosaki University in Nishishinbashi. Location CROSS OFFICE Uchisaiwaicho 703 1-18-6, Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo To find more, visit at Leaflet: Facebook: (Japanese)  

Dr. Yusuf Ozturk, San Diego State University (USA), Gave Special Lecture

The Department of Electronic and Information Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, Hirosaki University has invited Dr. Yusuf Ozturk, to give two lectures on January 20 and 21, 2015, on Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) and Cyber Security, respectively. Dr. Yusuf Ozturk is a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at San Diego State University*. He is …

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IREM, Hirosaki University Signed MOU with Department of Physics and Electronic Information Science, Hengyang Normal University in China

On November 11, 2014, Institute of Radiation Emergency Medicine, Hirosaki University (IREM) concluded MOU with Department of Physics and Electronic Information Science, Hengyang Normal University (DPEI) in Hunan Province, China to promote human resources development and radiation research for the common interest on the basis of mutual benefit, equality, and reciprocity. ( in Japanese) Inquiry IREM, Hirosaki …

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The Institute for Food Sciences, Hirosaki University and Mutsu City Signed Agreement for Mutual Collaboration and Cooperation, and Held an Opportunity for the Testing Party of “Shimokita Seafood Platter”

The Institute for Food Sciences and Mutsu city reached an agreement for mutual collaboration and cooperation governing branding agricultural and fisheries products, research and development on health functional features of local products, geological surveys and creation of new industry on January 15, 2015. Afterward, “Shimokita Seafood Platter”, which is fresh marine products in Shimokita with …

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Agreement of Cooperation Concluded with University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

On November 28, 2014, Hirosaki University, Graduate School of Medicine, concluded an agreement of cooperation with University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine (Slovenia), to promoto interest in the teaching and research activities and to deepen the understanding of the economic, cultural and social issues environment in both countries. To find more about Graduate School of …

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Special Lecture Given by Two Invited Speakers from The University of Maine, School of Marine Sciences

On January 7th, (Wed.), 2015, two invited speakers, Haley Viehman and Dr. Gayle Zydlewski from The University of Maine, School of Marine Sciences, which is one of partner institutions of Hirosaki University, gave a special lecture, the theme of which was “A unique approach to developing alternative energy from the ocean”, to share their pilot …

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Aomori High School Students Presented Science Research Challenge at Hirosaki University

On December 6 (Sat.), 2014, Aomori high school students presented science research challenge at Center Faculty of Science and Technology Building No.1, that was the 15th presentation in this series, hosted by High School Science Education Council, Aomori Prefectural Government. The aim is to develop Aomori high school students to be capable of acting proactively and …

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