Agreement of Collaboration and cooperation Reached between North Japan Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (NJRISE) and Mutsu City

The North Japan Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (NJRISE) and Mutsu City signed an agreement for mutual collaboration and cooperation governing resources surveys and resource development in the field of renewable energy. This comprehensive partnership, instituted on March 27, 2014, will contribute to mutual development in the renewable energy industry. At the signing ceremony, held …

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“Funds for Integrated Promotion of Social System Reform and Research and Development,” a MEXT Initiative that Aims to Revive and Create Regional Business and Human Resources Had the 2014 Completion Ceremony for the Program “Education Program for Professionals in Radiation Emergency Medicine”

On March 14, 2014, “Funds for integrated promotion of social system reform and research and development,” a MEXT initiative that aims to revive and create regional business and human resources held a completion ceremony for the program, “Education Program for Professionals in Radiation Emergency Medicine,” at the Hotel New Castel in Hirosaki City. In 2010, …

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Special Lecture by Dr. Ken Buesseler, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in USA Held

We invited Dr. Ken Buesseler, Director, Center for Marine & Environmental Radioactivity, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, to be an instructor during his visit to Japan as the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Short-term S Invitation Fellowship Program for Research in Japan (overseas researchers who are Nobel laureates or resipients of similarly high-level international …

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2013 International Student Graduation Ceremony Held

The 2013 international student graduation ceremony, hosted by the International Education Center was held in the Iwaki Hall of the 50th Anniversary Auditorium on Wed, Feb. 12th at 5:30 p.m. The ceremony was attended by various representatives of Hirosaki University, including President Sato, Yoshizawa, Director of Planning, Ito, Director of Academic Affairs as well as …

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Oyama, First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Jamaica Visits

On Thursday, November 14, 2013, OYAMA Yuki, first secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Jamaica visited Hirosaki University. He met with President Sato and provided a special lecture for students. Born in Hirosaki city, Mr. Oyama currently is in charge of economics, economic cooperation, promotion and culture, as first secretary at the Japanese Embassy …

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The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean of , Khon Kaen University, Kingdom of Thailand, Visits

Khon Kean University is one of Hirosaki University’s international academic partners and the location of one of our overseas offices. The Dean, Ms. Kulthida, Vice Dean, Ms. Paradee, and a Japanese lecturer, Ms. Ratchanee, visited from their Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The group was here from Monday, October 25, 2013 to Friday , …

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Hirosaki University Office Opens at Yanbian University (China)

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013, Hirosaki University office opened its third overseas office at Yanbian University. A celebratory opening ceremony was held.

Visit to University of Maine (U.S.A.)

On Tuesday, Sep. 17, 2013, President Sato visited our academic exchange partner, University of Maine (U.S.A.). At University of Maine, the person in charge of International Exchange and the president spoke at length about how to promote students exchanges. They also shared opinions on academic collaborations in the future between the faculties of Earth Sciences, Forestry, …

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