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【PRESS RELEASE】Visualizing the interconnections among climate risks -Contributing to the understanding of global warming impacts

It is widely recognized that climate change affects multiple sectors in virtually every part of the world. Impacts on one sector may influence other sectors, which we call “interconnections of climate risks”. Our project team consisting of researchers from the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology and …

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【PRESS RELEASE】Global Warming Stimulates CO2 Emissions from Forest Soil in ShirakamiSanchi

This research has been published on 6th April 2018 in Journal of Geophysical Research:Biogeosciences. ◇Click here for details

【PRESS RELEASE】Harnessing the rattling motion of oxgen ions to convert T-rays to visible light

(Tokyo,November 29)A team of researchers led by Hideo Hosono at Tokyo Institute of Technology(Tokyo Tech) has shown that terahertz rays can be converted to light visible to the human eye.The finding is a breakthrough for functional materials research and could lead to the development of a new kind of terahertz detector. ◇Click here for details

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