Faculty of Education

Lectures given in Japanese

Nursing Teachers Training Division
List of Lectures
Seminar in Nursing and Nursing Education
Introduction to Medical Science
Seminar in Human Anatomy
Human Physiology
Seminar in Human Physiology
Seminar in Biochemistry
Seminar in Bacteriology
Seminar in Pharmacology
Seminar in Pathology
Laws and Regulations in Nursing
Social Welfare
Introduction to Nursing Science
Seminar in Introduction to Nursing Science
Practicum in Nursing Technology
General Clinical Nursing
Seminar in Clinical Nursing
Practicum in Basic Nursing
Introduction to Nursing of the Adult
General Medical Nursing
Seminar in General Medical Nursing
Advanced Medical Nursing
Seminar in Advanced Medical Nursing
Practicum in Medical Nursing
Psychiatric Nursing
Seminar in Psychiatric Nursing
Practicum in Psychiatric Nursing
General Surgical Nursing
Advanced Surgical Nursing
Seminar in Advanced Surgical Nursing
Practicum in Surgical Nursing
Introduction to Gelontological Nursing
Seminar in Aged Health Care
Introduction to Maternal - Child Nursing
Maternity Nursing I
Maternity Nursing II
Seminar in Maternity Nursing
Practicum in Maternity Nursing
Pediatric Nursing I
Pediatric Nursing II
Seminar in Pediatric Nursing
Practicum of Pediatric Nursing
Maternal - Child Health Care
Seminar in Maternal -Child Health Care
Practicum in Maternal -Child Health Care
Nursing Statistics
Methodology of Nursing Education
Seminar in Methodology of Nursing Education
Graduation Research on Nursing