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Hirosaki University was established in the former castle town of Hirosaki in 1949. It is a national university and is located in Aomori prefecture, situated at the northern end of Honshu Island. The historical sketch of the University is as follows:

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May 1949 Hirosaki Medical College, Aomori Medical School, Hirosaki Higher School, Aomori Normal School and Aomori Youth Normal School were incorporated in accordance with the National School Establishment Law into a "new-system" university with three faculties (Arts and Science, Education, Medicine) and a university library.
Faculty of Agriculture established.
One-year Postgraduate Course in Agriculture established. (Abolished in March 1971)
Apr 1958 Graduate School of Medicine (M.D.) established.
Apr 1965 Faculty of Arts and Scienc reorganized into Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Science.
Apr 1966 One-year Postgraduate Course in Education established. (Abolished in March 1994)
Training Institute for Nurse Teachers established. (Abolished in March 1980)
Apr 1967 Health Administration Center established.
Apr 1969 One-year Postgraduate Course in Science established. (Abolished in March 1978)
Apr 1971 Graduate School of Agriculture (M.Agr.) established.
Apr 1972 One-year Postgraduate Course in Humanities established. (Abolished in March 1999)
Apr 1975 School of Allied Medical Sciences established.
Apr 1977 Graduate School of Science (M.Sc.) established.
Apr 1989 Graduate School of Humanities (M.A.) established.
Apr 1990 The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Iwate University (D.Agr.) established.
Apr 1993 Gene Research Center established.
Apr 1994 Graduate School of Education (M.Ed.) established.
Jun 1994 Center for Computer and Communications established.
May 1996 Center for Education and Research of Lifelong Learning established.
Apr 1997 Center for Joint Research established.
Sep 1997 College of Liberal Arts Abolished.
Oct 1997 Faculty of Science and Faculty of Agriculture reorganized into "Faculty of Science and Technology" and "Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science"
Apr 1999 Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (M. Humanities and Social Sciences) established.
Apr. 2000 Teaching Research Center for Bio- coexistence, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science established.
Oct. 2000 School of Medicine Health Sciences established.
Apr. 2001 Center for Educational Research and Practice established.
Apr. 2002

Graduate School of Science and Graduate School of Agriculture reorganized into "Graduate school of Science and Technology" and "Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Science".
Graduate School of Regional Studies (Ph.D) established.

Apr. 2003 International Student Exchange Center established.
Apr. 2004

Graduate School of Science and Technology (Doctoral Course ) established.

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