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ThFaculty of Humanitiese Faculty of Humanities is organized into 8 departments:

  1. Cultural Properties
  2. Thought and Literary Arts, Communication
  3. International Society
  4. Information and Behavior
  5. Business and Management
  6. Economic Systems
  7. Public Policy
Students join one of 3 courses of study:
  1. Humanities and Cultural Studies
  2. Social Science and Socail System Studies
  3. Economic and Commercial Sciences
Although departments are no longer organized by academic discipline and students no longer major in specific fields, undergraduate course offerings in the Faculty of Humanities fall into the following categories:
  • Philosophy, Religion and Ethics: Chinese Philosophy, Greek Philosophy, German Philosophy, Science of Religions, Philosophy and the Information Age, History of Japanese Ethics, Ethics
  • Archeology and Art History: Japanese Archeology, Buddhist Art, European Archeology, European Art History
  • Literature: Japanese Poetry (Waka), Japanese Literature, Classical Chinese Literature, Theory of Literature and Culture, German Literature, French Literature, History of English Literature, English Rennaisance Drama, English Literature, The English Novel, American Literature
  • Communication and Linguistics: Old Japanese, Japanese Linguistics, Traditional Japanese Theater, Japanese Language Education, Journalism, Theory of Language and Culture, Narratology, Social Linguistics, Phonetics, Phonology, Syntax and Semantics, Language and Cognition, Language Typology, Historical Linguistics, Applied Linguistics
  • Modern Languages: Japanese, Chinese, German, French, English
  • History and Area Studies: History of Ancient Japan, History of Early Modern Japan, History of China, History of Europe, History of North America, Modern China, Modern South Asia, Modern Africa, Modern Europe, Modern European Socio-Cultural History, Modern North America
  • Cultural Anthropology, Folklore and Sociology: Social Psychology, Japanese Folklore, African Anthropology, Ecological Anthropology, Urban Sociology, Regional Sociology
  • Political Science and Law: Political Science, International Politics, Language Policy, Local Government, Public Administration, Public Policy, Public Finance, Constitutional Law, Civil Law, Administrative Law, Business Law
  • Computer Science: Informatics, Statistics, Information Processing, Operations Research
  • Economics: Japanese Economic History, European Economic History, History of Economic Thought, International Economics, Macro-Economics, Micro-Economics, Econometrics, Political Economy, Public Economics, Labor Economics, Regional Economics, Economic Policy, Finance Theory
  • Business, Accounting and Finance: Business History, Public Utilities, Marketing, International Business, Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Financial Accounting, Tax Accounting, Management Accounting, Auditing
The Faculty of Humanities also offers degrees at the master's level.

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