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The Hirosaki University International House is established to provide foreign students and reseachers with accommodations and facilities to promote and contribute to international exchange in the fields of education and research at the University. Term of residence at the International house is to be not less than one month and not more than one year.

Single Room
31 units
Couple Room
7 units
Family Room
6 unit
Single Couple Family

Student Dormitory of the University

The university has three dormitories available to Japanese students. Hokumei-ryo and Hokuo-ryo are reserved for male students only. The other is Hou-ryo, the dormitory for female students. Each room in the dormitories is shared by two students.

Off-Campus Housing

The monthly rent for an apartment with cooking facilities, a bathroom and a toilet is in the range of 25,000 yen - 45,000 yen. In Japan, apartments are not normally furnihed, and it is customary to pay initially what we call 'kenri-kin' (key money) and 'shiki-kin' (deposit) when you enter into a contract. These initial extra expenses will amount to approximately three months' rent.

Comprehensive Renter's Insurance for Foreign Student Studying in Japan

Generally speaking, in order to rent an apartment offered in Japan, you will need a guarantor. If you take out a Comprehensive Renter's Insurance policy, it will lessen the psychological and financial burden on your prospective guarantor.

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