Joint Academic Symposium with Agricultural College of Yanbian University Held

The Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science held a “Joint Academic Symposium” with the Agricultural College of Yanbian University at Collabo HiroDai in the 60th Anniversary Auditorium on Wednesday, May 7.

We established a university-wide agreement with Yanbian University, located in northeastern China, in 2000 and we have  engaged in collaborative research and student exchanges since that time. Our two universities have much in common, as they are located at almost same latitude, have similar climate conditions and cultivate similar fruits. Apples are popular in both places because the climate is similar and both places have world natural heritage sites that promote research near the university. Research interchange is growing more and more active.

In the morning, graduate students, including international students, as well as professors from both universities showed posters and conducted question and answer sessions in Japanese, English and Chinese.

In the afternoon, we had key note addresses that included “The Fruite Tree Industry in Yanbian,” delivered in Japanese by Professor Piao YiLong, Agricultural College of Yanbian University, “Research on Vegetables at Hirosaki University,” delivered in English by Associated Professor MAEDA Tomoo, the faculty of Agriculture and Life Science, Hirosaki University and “Exploration of Functional Materials using Biological Resources in the Tsugaru Area,” delivered in English by Professor HASHIMOTO Masaru of the same faculty.

This joint symposium served to deepen mutual understanding concerning research achievements and use of local resources by both universities. It further contributed to the strengthening of ties between the universities.

Prof. Pian YiLong introduces his researchLively exchanges on opinions

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