Academic Calendar

We have 2 semesters.

  • First Term: 1st week of April to the beginning of August
  • Second Term: 1st week of October to the middle of February

Academic Calendar

Clubs & Circles

Extracurricular activities will provide you with a variety of experiences and friendships beyond your department that you will never forget. In the educational environment of a university, I hope that you will engage in extracurricular activities that match your interests and aptitudes, cultivate your social characteristics, and lead a proactive life by acquiring more specialized knowledge and skills.

If you wish to join a club, please be sure to notify the university of your intention to do so, as there are rules and procedures to follow.

Welfare Programs

Health Administraion Center

In order to lead a productive and happy campus life, you need to stay healthy, both physically, and mentally. At the Health Administraion Center, a physician counselor and nurses are stationed to provide various health consultation and counseling services. Do not hesitate to make use of these services.

Regular Medical Examination

Early in every academic year, all students are expected to undergo a medical examination: A chest X-ray, urine analysis, blood pressure measurement, physical measurement, etc. The specific dates of the medical examination will be posted. (Non-regular students can also undergo medical examination.)

When you need a medical certificate to apply for a scholarship, a job, and the like, the Health Administraion Center will issue it for the items covered in the medical examination. Because the issuing of the certificate takes some days, you are advised to apply for it well in advance.

You can get a medical certificate from hospitals, but it will cost a great deal, so it is advisable for you not to miss our regular medical examination.

First Aid

When you need any first aid treatment for headaches, fevers, stomachaches, injuries or the like, come to the center. If you are seriously ill or injured, you will be given appropriate advice, and recommendations as to where to go for treatment.

Health Consultation

Do not hesitate to consult the Health Administration Center about your physical and mental health. Your problems will be treated as confidential. You can see the doctor and nurses any time during office hours. If you want to see the counselor, make an appointment.

Office Hours Monday-Friday (except national holidays) 8:30 – 17:00
Phone +81-172-39-3128

Housing Information


The monthly rent for an apartment with cooking facilities, a bathroom and a toilet, is 20,000yen-35,000yen. Apartments are not furnished, so you must furnish your apartment yourself.

In Japan, when you sign a contract, it is customary to pay what we call ‘kenri-kin’ (key money) and ‘shiki-kin’ (a deposit). The total of these initial extra expenses will be roughly equivalent to three months’ rent.

Sports Facilities

Hrosaki University has Gymnasium, Baseball Field and also Judo Hall, Kendo Hall, Aikido Hall, Karate Hall as indoor and Soccer Field, Rugby practice field and American Football practice field as outdoor,


Divisions Location Area
Gymnasium Bunkyo-cho 3,394
Gymnasium Hon-cho 1,457
Kyudo Hall Bunkyo-cho 140
Martial Arts Hall Bunkyo-cho 756
Swimming Pool Gakuen-cho 2,398

As of May 1, 2021


Divisions Location Area
Multipurpose open space Bunkyo-cho 12,144
Baseball Field Nanto-cho 9,981
Athletic Grounds Gakuen-cho 61,484

As of May 1, 2021


Hirosaki University provides housing for any student having difficulties commuting.

The domitory gives them the opportunity to experience community living and use the facilities for extracurricular activities that contribute to their personal development. For more information, please see the welfare facilities information sheet.

Outline of the Dormitories

Dormitories Area Limit Residents
Hokumei-Ryo(Male) 3,279 106 103
Ho-Ryo(Female) 3,498 117 142
Hokuo-Ryo(Male) 2,874 100 114
Total 9,651 323 359

As of May 1, 2021


International House

The Hirosaki University International House provides foreign students and researchers with accommodation and facilities to promote and contribute to international exchange in the fields of education and research.

The qualifications for residence are that candidates be new private regular foreign students at the University or foreign reseachers whom the Univeristy has accepted to promote research exchange along with others approved by the Director.
The period of residence is 6 months for foreign students and a period of 1 month to 1 year for foreign reseachers. For more information, go to the Hirosaki University International Education website.

Department of International Education & Collaboration

Outline of the International House

Divisions Area Characteristics of the Facility
A Building 982 A Type (Single Rooms) : 31 Common Areas: Office, Lounge, Laundry Room B Building 1,048 B Type: 11 C Type (Double Room) : 7 Total 2,030 – As of April 1, 2022

Career planning and job-search support

Hirosaki University Career Community

Hirosaki University has a job search system called “Hirosaki University Career Community.

Plrease make use of this system to find the information you are looking for by using a variety of search criteria.

Employment Support Network for International Students

Hirosaki University has joined the “International Student Employment Support Network System (Asian Human Resource Network)” operated by the International Student Support Network as part of its employment support for international students, and has begun providing employment support for international students enrolled at the university.

This system provides international students who wish to find a job in Japan with detailed and easy-to-understand information on how to find a job in Japan and how to prepare for job hunting exams on a website, allowing them to study 24 hours a day, whenever and wherever they want. You can also check information on corporate employment, guidance and seminars for international students, and joint corporate information sessions.