The Hirosaki University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a Cultural Innovation Course and a Social Management Course.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Education has two divisions−the Teacher Training Division and the Yogo Teacher (School Nurse) Training Division.

Faculty of Education(Japanese only)

The characteristic curriculum of the School of Medicine involves labs, including early exposure, various basic and professional labs, clinical training, and clinical clerkship.

School of Medicine

The School of Health Sciences is one of Japanese leading providers of health science education and comprises five departments.

School of Health Sciences

We aim to train mental health professionals who are able to (1) think scientifically; (2) identify and solve mental health problems; (3) conduct themselves ethically for the good of humanity; (4) support individuals who are experiencing mental distress; and (5) contribute to the health and welfare of citizens and society at large, by providing mental health support, and by being leaders in their communities.

School of Clinical Psychological Science(Japanese only)

Through attentive education, the Faculty of Science and Technology aims to bring up creative engineers with rich personalities who will construct the highly information-oriented and high technology society of the 21st century.

Faculty of Science and Technology

Focusing on both experiments and practical trainings in the fields of biology, agriculture, economics and system engineering.
The Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science consists of the following five departments.

Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science