Graduate Schools

The Hirosaki University Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences (master’s course) offers a well-rounded educational program in the humanities and the social sciences that prepares students to become highly skilled specialists and researchers.

Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The purpose of this program is to conduct in-depth educational research in the various sciences of educational science and subject pedagogy, and to train educational personnel with the competencies to create and lead advanced educational practices.

Graduate School of Education(Japanese only)

The purpose is to teach research skills and provide wide academic knowledge on the latest medicine in order to conduct research activities with an international mindset to foster medical researchers who promote advanced research and medical personnel with high expertise and strict sense of ethics

Graduate School of Medicine

The Hirosaki University Graduate School of Health Sciences Master’s Degree Program offers twelve courses in the four fields of Nursing Science, Bioinformatics Science, Biofunctionality Science, and Comprehensive Rehabilitation Science.

Graduate School of Health Sciences

Those who have obtained bachelor’s degrees can go to graduate school for more in-depth and comprehensive research and learning. The duration is regularly two years for the Master’s Course and three years for the Doctoral Course.

Graduate School of Science

We offer postgraduate courses of study that lead to a master’s degree. The graduate school consists of five study Programs: Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Applied Biology and Food Sciences, International Agriculture and Horticulture, and Agricultural and Environmental Engineering.

Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Science

The Regional Social Research Program was started in April 2002, and has become a center for educating individuals capable of taking action and interacting directly with regional communities.

Graduate School of Regional Studies

The Graduate School of Sustainable Community Studies aims to create new value by collaborating the specialized knowledge of university with the practical knowledge of local communities to cope with such difficult situations in rural areas.

Graduate School of Sustainable Community Studies(Japanese only)

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Science (UGAS) was established by constituting the faculty, research equipment, and facilities of the three graduate schools (master’s programs) of Hirosaki University, Iwate University, and Yamagata University.

United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Iwate University