Aomori Prefectural Government Master Plan Unveiling session : Changing the future of Aomori Held

On Thursday, May 13, 2014, the Aomori Prefectural Government Master Plan Unveiling Session : Changing the future of Aomori, was held for senior staff at Iwaki hall, located on the second floor of Hirosaki University 50th Anniversary Auditorium.

The goal of the meeting was to understand the content, the vision, and other matters related to the Master plan created by Aomori prefecture and utilize it for proposed business development and future plans at Hirosaki University in order to increase successful community-based collaboration between Aomori Prefecture and Hirosaki University.

For more information on the plan, please visite the website below.
Leaflet (English) :

Mr. Akita, the official representative from Aomori Prefectural Government provides details on the planCareful listeners including the President Sato and Ohkawara, Director of Community Relations


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