[Oct.18 and Oct.19] The 7th Hirosaki University International Symposium “Proposing a New Music Education View through Non-European Sound Practices”

We are very pleased to announce that the 7th Hirosaki University International Symposium: “Proposing a New Music Education View through Non-European Sound Practices”, sponsored by Hirosaki University Faculty of Education, will be held as below.
We will invite four guest speakers from overseas, Henry Jonson (University of Otago), Chi Cheung Leung (Hong Kong Institute of Education), Anita Prest (University of British Columbia) and Lauri  Väkevä (Sibelius Academy).
The concept of this symposium is to consider music education looking forward including Non- European sound practices, Jazz and popular music with Hirosaki University faculty member and graduated students for all two days.
We look forward to your participation.

October 18th (Sat.),2014 and October 19th (Sun.),2014

Day 1: Lectures and discussions 13:00~18:00
Day 2: Poster sessions 10:00~12:00,Lectures and discussions 13:00~18:00

Hirosaki University 50th Anniversary Auditorium Michinoku Hall
1, Bunkyo-cho, Hirosaki-shi, 036-8560 ( in Hirosaki University Bunkyo-cho Campus)

Henry Jonson (University of Otago)
Chi Cheung Leung (Hong Kong Institute of Education)
Anita Prest (University of British Columbia)
Lauri Väkevä (Sibelius Academy)
Junichiro Suwa (Hirosaki University)
Kiyoshi Asano (Hirosaki University)
Tadahiko Imada (Hirosaki University, Chair)
Shuhei Chiba (Hirosaki University)
Keita Kumagai (Hirosaki University)

All who are interested are welcome to attend
Free admittance
No reservation required


For more information, please visit the website below.

Tadahiko IMADA
Faculty of Education, Music Education
TEL: +81-172-39-3379
Email: timada@hirosaki-u.ac.jp

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