The 6th Collaborative Research Experience Meeting

On July 30, 2014 (Wed.), The 6th Collaborative Research Experience Meeting was held at Hirosaki University in the 50th Anniversary Auditorium. Kashiwakura, Director of Research, opened the ceremony by greeting the attendees. Then, the results of six projects were presented. One such project from Uramachi Public High School in Aomori City, which had been researched during the previous year addressed the question: “Why does a boomerang always return to its original place after being thrown?”

Through this collaborative research project, students got the chance to view the university up close. More inportantly, they had the opportunity to experience working collaboratively on the exploratory process of delving deeper into their questions, alongside actual researchers, and then presenting their findings. After having such intensive experiences, it is expected that these young students will develop into future scientists.

※ This collaborative research offers ONLY students in Aomori.

Research Promotion Dept., Research Promotion Division

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