The Institute for Food Sciences, Hirosaki University and Mutsu City Signed Agreement for Mutual Collaboration and Cooperation, and Held an Opportunity for the Testing Party of “Shimokita Seafood Platter”

The Institute for Food Sciences and Mutsu city reached an agreement for mutual collaboration and cooperation governing branding agricultural and fisheries products, research and development on health functional features of local products, geological surveys and creation of new industry on January 15, 2015.

Afterward, “Shimokita Seafood Platter”, which is fresh marine products in Shimokita with crushed ice on a silver platter that is an idea Hirosaki University and Mutsu city developed, was served as a first step toward a strong tie to various representatives of Hirosaki University and Mutsu city at Mutsu Grand Hotel. The Product name is pending registration now.

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A signing ceremoneyShimokita Seafood Platter

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