COC Promotion Office Presented an Official Sign

On December 2, 2014, the COC*1) Promotion Office presented an official sign for the entrance.

The office was launched in November of 2014 as part of a University Reform Action Plan. Its aim is to establish “a Knowledge Center by establishing a knowledge base, fostering innovation, and nurturing future leaders capable of coping with an ever-changing society.” Hirosaki University was appointed by MEXT*2).

The role Hirosaki University has in this new Action Plan is to “develop local talent in order to build a valuable Aomori brand.” In order to accomplish this goal the university will work in cooperation with Aomori Prefectural Government, Hirosaki City, local industries, and local residents in various business-related activities auch as education, research and other contributory activities that can enrich the local society.

Hirosaki Univertiy the “Community-centered” Reform Action Plan was announced on December 5, 2014. (Japanese)

*1) Center of Community
*2) Ministry of Edcation, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

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COC Hirosaki University:

[From left] SOGA Vice Excective Director, KATOGeneral Affairs of Exective Director, The President SATO, YOSHIZAWA Planning of Executive Director, ITOH Academic Affairs of Executive Director

Offical COC sign presentationOfficial COC sign presentationThe President Sato and Yosizawa Planning of Executive Director and Vice President present the sign



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