Hirosaki University Campus Tour 2021(English ver.)


Hirosaki University offers campus tours for those who wish to visit. Anyone can participate in the tours.

We have produced an English version of the campus tour video that can be used as a publicity tool for overseas visitors and as a guide for international students and visitors on campus.

As with the Japanese version released in November, we produced this video together with the student guides of the Hirosaki University Campus Tour. One of the guides, Hayato Ishigooka, a third-year student in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, is also in charge of translation and performance.

We hope you can get a sense of the atmosphere of the tour, which will take you around the Bunkyocho campus.

*In addition to the Bunkyocho Campus, students of the School of Medicine also spend their student life at another location, the Honcho Campus.