• Hirosaki School of Higher Education(Est.Nov.1920)(Closed Mar.1950)
  • Aomori Prefectural Teachers College(Est.Sep.1876)
  • Aomori Prefectural Normal Teacher School(Est.Sep.1886)
  • Aomori Prefectural Teacher’s College(Est.Apr.1898)
  • Aomori Prefectural Women Teacher’s School(Est.Mar.1910)
  • Aomori Normal School(Est.Apr.1885)(Closed Mar.1893)
  • Training School for Teachers of Aomori Prefectural Industrial Continuation School(Est.Feb.1931)
  • Training School for Teachers of Aomori Prefectural Youth School(Est.Apr.1935)
  • Aomori Youth Normal School(Est.Apr.1944)(Closed Mar.1951)
  • Aomori Medical School(Est.Apr.1944)(Closed Mar.1951)
  • Hirosaki Medical College(Est.Feb.1948)(Closed Mar.1960)

Hirosaki University

Hirosaki University was established in the former castle town of Hirosaki in 1949. It is a national university and is located in Aomori Prefecture, situated at the northern end of Honshu Island. The historical sketch of the University is as follows:

May. 1949 Hirosaki Medical College, Aomori Medical School,
Hirosaki Higher School, Aomori Normal School and
Aomori Youth Normal School were incorporated in
accordance with the National School Establishment
Law into a “new-system” university with three
faculties (Arts and Science, Education, Medicine) and
a university library.
Apr. 1955 Faculty of Agriculture established
Apr. 1958 Graduate School of Medicine (M.D.) established.
Apr. 1960 One-Year Postgraduate Course in Agriculture
established. (Abolished in March 1971)
Apr. 1965 Faculty of Arts and Science reorganized into Faculty
of Humanities and Faculty of Science.
College of Liberal Arts established. (Abolished in Sep. 1997)
Apr. 1966 One-Year Postgraduate Course in Education
established. (Abolished in March 1994)
Training Institute for Nurse Teachers established.
(Abolished in March 1980)
June. 1967 Health Administration Center established.
Apr. 1969 One-Year Postgraduate Course in Science
established. (Abolished in March 1978)
Apr. 1971 Graduate School of Agriculture (M.Agr.) established.
Apr. 1972 One-Year Postgraduate Course in Humanities
established. (Abolished in March 1999)
Apr. 1975 School of Allied Medical Sciences established.
Apr. 1977 Graduate School of Science (M.Sc.) established.
Apr. 1989 Graduate School of Humanities (M.A.) established.
Apr. 1990 The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences,
Iwate University (D.Agr.) established.
Apr. 1993 Gene Research Center established.
Apr. 1994 Graduate School of Education (M.Ed.) established.
June. 1994 Computer and Communications Systems Center
May. 1996 Center for Education and Research of Lifelong
Learning established.
Apr. 1997 Center for Joint Research established.
Oct. 1997 Faculty of Science and Faculty of Agriculture
reorganized into “Faculty of Science and Technology”
and “Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science”
Apr. 1999 Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
(M.A.Humanities and Social Sciences) established.
Oct . 1999 Radioisotope Laboratory established.
Apr. 2000 Teaching and Research Center for Bio-coexistence,
Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science established.
Oct. 2000 School of Medicine Health Sciences established.
Apr. 2001 Center for Educational Research and Practice
Oct. 2001 Center for General Education established.
Apr. 2002 Graduate School of Science and Graduate School of
Agriculture reorganized into “Graduate School of
Science and Technology” and “Graduate School of
Agriculture and Life Science”.
Graduate School of Regional Studies (Ph.D)
Apr. 2003 International Student Exchange Center established.
Sep. 2003 Center for Instrumental Analysis established.
Apr. 2004 National University Corporation HIROSAKI
UNIVERSITY established.
Graduate School of Science and Technology (D. Sci)
Jun. 2004 Hirosaki University Press established.
Apr. 2005 Graduate Schools of Health Sciences (M. Hlth.Sci.)
Apr. 2007 Graduate School of Health Sciences (D. Hlth)
International Student Exchange Center reorganized
into “International Exchange Center.”
Oct. 2008 Office Organizing Workshop and Courses for the
Teacher Qualificatior Renewal System established.
Mar. 2009 North Japan New Energy Research Center established.
Apr. 2009 Shirakami Nature Science Park established.
Oct. 2009 Office for the Promotion of Gender Equality established.
Mar. 2010 Research and Education Center for Radiation Emergency
Medicine established.
Oct. 2010 North Japan Research Institute for Subtainable
Energy and The Shirakami-Sanchi Institute of
the Natural Environment and Institute of
Radiation Emergency Medicine established.
Oct. 2012 Museum established.
Mar. 2013 Research Institute of Food Science established.
Apr. 2013 International Education Center established.
Apr. 2014 Research Center for child Mental Development,Graduate School of Medicine,Hirosaki University established.
Medical Systems creative frontier,Graduate School of Science and Technology established.
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