Message from the President

Hirosaki University president

Hirosaki University was founded more than 70 years ago, in 1949, meaning that the official start date of our university coincides with the establishment of the current Japanese higher educational system. In actuality, Hirosaki University has a history of almost 140 years, though, as this institution is the descendant of Aomori Teachers College, which was an esteemed model for modern general education, and from which we derive Hirosaki University’s basic and most important tenets.

Hirosaki City not only has a rich historical and cultural background but is also blessed with beautiful nature. We are not only surrounded by physical beauty, but we are most fortunate in terms of human resources. We receive a lot of support from local residents, and our students, faculty and staff are grateful and happy to have the opportunity to study and work in this ideal environment.

Japanese national universities and colleges are constantly plunged into the currents of public calls for reform, which must be regarded as high expectations from society to encourage talent and leadership in those who will affect change and bring prosperity to our nation and the world. All of us―the students, faculty, and staff members―have to follow our own paths to pursue continuous progress and maintain excellence at Hirosaki University.

Shinsaku Fukuda, M.D.
Hirosaki University

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