Message from the President


It has been 68 years since Hirosaki University was established, in 1949, along with the current Japanese higher educational system. Although Hirosaki University has a history of almost 140 years if we take the establishment of our precursor Aomori Teachers College into consideration, having started as a modern general educational institution was one of the most important basics of our university.

Hirosaki City is rich in historical and cultural backgrounds and blessed with beautiful nature. We receive a lot of support from local residents and are happy having the opportunity to study and work in this ideal environment.

Japanese national universities and colleges are placed in the currents of public call for reform, which must be regard as a high expectation from society of encouraging talents who lead prosperity of our nation and the world.

Having these in mind, 2017 should be the most commemorating year in the history of our university and all of us―the students and faculty and staff members―have to take our own course to pursue progress of Hirosaki University.

Kei Satoh, M.D.
Hirosaki University

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