University Library

University Library

University Library

The Hirosaki University Library was established in May 1949, and now consists of the Main Library, the Medical Branch. The total number of volumes is about 820,000. In addition to books and serials for study and research, electronic materials such as DVD databases and online facilities which include 7,400 titles of online journals are also available. Service is offered throughout the week (with the exception of Saturday and Sunday during seasonal vacations) to not only members of the University, but also visitors from the community (though such service is restricted).Various information, guides for users, catalogues, online journals, study information in the University etc., are available via the Library’s web pages.

University Library Guidance


This table shows number of the university’s library holdings as of March 31, 2018.

Divisions Main Library Medical Branch Total
Japanese and Chinese Other Foreign Books Japanese and Chinese Other Foreign Books
Total 507,519 164,837 81,803 67,750 821,909

Library Usage

Library usage of the 2017 fiscal year.

Divisions Days Open Visitors Book Loans
Persons Books
Main Library 301 231,860 24,370 42,562
Medical Branch 335 36,350 7,095 12,238
Total 268,210 31,465 54,800
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