Statistic Data

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Application and Matriculation

Message from President

Fiscal Year 2021
Divisions,Annual Admission Capacity,Applicant Capacity,Competition rate,Enrollment Capacity,Faculty of Humanities,Faculty of Education,School of Medicine…

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Number of Students

Principle and Goals

Undergraduates, As of May 1, 2021,Faculties,Departments and Courses,Annual Admission Capacity,Second year Transfer Student,Third year Transfer Student,Enrollment Capacity,Actual Enrollment,Freshmen…

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Undergraduates,Divisions,Fiscal Year …

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Job placements

Message from thePresident

As of May 1, 2021, Placements,Divisions,Faculty of Humanities,Faculty of Education,School of Medicine(Medicine),School ofMedicine(Health Sciences),Faculty of Science and Technology,Faculty of Agriculture and Life…

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