Changing to media classes from October 20th


To Students and faculty members at Hirosaki University,
Since individual(s) connected to Hirosaki-U tested positive with COVID-19, face-to-face classes were cancelled from October 16th to October 19th. After testing those who had close contact with the infected individual(s), no further positive COVID-19 results were reported at Hirosaki-U.

At first, Hirosaki-U was planning to start face-to-face classes again beginning on October 20th, however, the numbers of COVID-19 cases has been steadily increasing in Hirosaki city. Therefore, Hirosaki-U has decided that classes will go online and be conducted as media classes from October 20th to 25th. As for class instruction starting the week of October 26th, Hirosaki-U will decide on Friday October 23rd and announce it to everyone.

Please make sure to take good care of yourself and follow daily preventive actions, such as avoiding the three Cs (Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close-contact settings), washing or disinfecting your hands frequently, and wearing masks. It is also important to try and remain calm during these uncertain times.