Bunkyo-cho Campus

Bunkyo-cho Campus

  • Administration Bureau
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Center for Educational Research and Practice
  • Center for Teacher Education Research and Development
  • Office Organizing Workshops and Courses for the Teacher Qualification Renewal System
  • Regional Studies (Doctoral Course)
  • Sustainable Community Studies (Master’s Course)
  • Health Administration Center
  • Office for the Promotion of Gender Equality
  • Hirosaki University Press
  • University Museum
  • Department of International Education & Collaboration
  • Regional Revitalization Division
  • Information Management Headquarters
  • University Library
  • 50th Anniversary Auditorium
  • Hirosaki Higher School Foreign Lecturer Residence
1,Bunkyo-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8560,Japan +81-172-36-2111 (Main Switchboard)
  • Graduate School of Science and Technology
  • Earthquake and Volcano Observatory
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science Gene Research Center
  • Information Technology Center
  • SharedFacility Center for Science and Technology
3,Bunkyo-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8561,Japan +81-172-36-2111 (Main Switchboard)

Hon-cho Campus

University Medical Center

  • Graduate School of Medicine
  • Institute of Brain Science
  • Center for Advanced Medical Research
  • Institute for Animal Experiments
  • Research Center for Child Mental Development
  • Innovation Center for Health Promotion
  • Research Laboratory for Radioisotopes
  • Medical Branch Library
5,Zaifu-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8562,Japan (University Medical
+81-172-33-5111 (Main Switchboard)
  • University Hospital
53,Hon-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8563,Japan (University Medical
+81-172-33-5111 (Main Switchboard)
  • Dormitory for Nurses (Dormitory for Residents)
26,Sagara-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8211,Japan (University Medical
+81-172-33-5111 (Main Switchboard)
  • Medical Communications Center
40-1,Hon-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8203,Japan (University Medical
  • Graduate School of Health Sciences
  • School of Clinical Psychological Science
66-1,Hon-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8564,Japan (University Medical
+81-172-33-5111 (Main Switchboard)

Affiliated School

Gakuen-cho Campus,Tomino-cho Campus

  • Kindergarten
1-1,Gakuen-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8152,Japan +81-172-32-6815
  • Elementary School
1-1,Gakuen-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8152,Japan +81-172-32-7202
  • Junior High School
1-1,Gakuen-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8152,Japan +81-172-32-7201
  • School for Special Needs Educatio
1-76,Tomino-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8174,Japan +81-172-36-5011

Dormitory / Guest House

  • Hokuo-Ryo Dormitory (male)
  • Ho-Ryo Dormitory (female)
1-1,Gakuen-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8152,Japan +81-172-32-2910
  • Hokumei-Ryo Dormitory (male)
1-8-4,Midorigaoka,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8253,Japan +81-172-32-3364
  • International House
2-20-17,Kikyono,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8227,Japan +81-172-37-6854
  • Fukaura Seminar House
338-229,Okazaki,Fukaura,Fukaura-machi,Nishitsugaru-gun,Aomori-ken,038-2300,Japan +81-172-36-2111 (Main Switchboard)

Teaching and Research Center for Bio-coexistence,Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science

Teaching and Research Center for Bio-coexistence,Faculty of Agriculture and Life Science

  • Fujisaki Farm
7-1,Shitabukuro,Fujisaki,Fujisaki-Machi,Minamitsugaru-gun,Aomori-ken,038-3802,Japan +81-172-75-3026
  • Kanagi Farm
84,Ashino,Kanagi-cho,Goshogawara-shi,Aomori-ken,037-0202,Japan +81-173-53-2029
  • Cold Regions Meteorology Laboratory
101-1,Ohkawazoe,Kawaratai,Nishimeya-mura,Nakatsugaru-gun,Aomori-ken,036-1424,Japan +81-172-36-2111 (Main Switchboard)
  • Fukaura Laboratory
173,Azumasawa,Fukaura-machi,Nishitsugaru-gun,Aomori-ken,038-2300,Japan +81-172-36-2111 (Main Switchboard)
  • The Shirakami Institute for Environmental Sciences University
101-1,Ohkawazoe,Kawaratai,Nishimeya-mura,Nakatsugaru-gun,Aomori-ken,036-1424,Japan +81-172-36-2111 (Main Switchboard)


  • Institute of Radiation Emergency Medicine
66-1,Hon-cho,Hirosaki-shi,Aomori-ken,036-8564,Japan (University Medical
  • Institute of Regional Innovation (IRI)
2-1-3,Matsubara,Aomori-shi,Aomori-ken,030-0813,Japan +81-17-735-3363
  • Research Institute of Food Science
2-1-1, Yanagawa, Aomori-shi, Aomori-ken, 036-8221, Japan +81-17-763-5028